Rekinection Presents Rejuvination Restival

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LocationAstral Valley Park MO

"ReKinection family are you ready to gather once again in the summer of 2024?! We welcome you to join us for this very special event, ReKinection Presents ReJuvenation Restival May 30th - June 2nd at Astral Valley Art Park! (Restival n.: a cross between a retreat and a festival!)

 We are gathering to celebrate life  Connect to each other  Lift each other up  Kinect body mind spirit  Unleash our infinite potential 
These 4 Days/3 Nights together will consist of all the things ReKinection emcopasses, including ....
~live music that aligns with the vision of thriving~
~yoga & movement~
~camping & community~
~aerial-fire-dance shows~
~live visionary art~
~inspirational workshops~
~kids activities~
~wellness practitioners & vendors~
and so much more …
We are setting this 2024 intention to rejoice back to our roots, allow more time and connection with our community and focus on the details of curation throughout our festival experiences. It is time to open our hearts and minds, helping us honor our intuition and heal our bodies. 
Together we will all create a collaborative, inspirational, empowering and entertaining event that will transform our spirits and our everyday lives!
Looking to get involved in the 2024 Restival? Cocreator applications are open now! https://rekinection.com/rekinector-applications/
Tickets on sale NOW. Loyalty priced tickets are already sold out! -"


Inzo, Wookiefoot & Many More!