Kosmic Kingdom Music Festival

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LocationSleepy Hollow Sports Park

"Kosmic Kingdom evolved from Kosmos Music Festival that took place from 2014-2016 in Saint Charles Iowa. The team made the decision to change locations and rebrand after touring the new location at Sleepy Hollow in late 2017. Immediately after stepping into the Renaissance Park, we could feel the magic that a music festival would bring to the grounds. It feels truly incredible and unique, as if you’re in a medieval village lost in time.
After an amazing two years at our new home we are thrilled to be back for 2021! We are excited to continue to improve the experience and provide our royal festival family with another unforgettable weekend. Our goal remains the same: book top notch artists that push the limits of sound while providing a unique festival experience to match.

We are ECSTATIC to reunite the Kosmic family this year and many more years to come!"